Healthiest General Purpose Cooking Oil

Today we are writing about a humble oil seed which was helping entire ecosystem once upon a time, but then came the marketing hurricane of low SFA & Cholesterol in oils and the poor chap couldn’t sustain.

Yes we are talking about our beloved groundnut.. Be it crushed groundnut, groundnut oil or salted groundnut. Groundnuts were our best companion.

Not just for us, but groundnut was a great deal for farmers as groundnut provides much needed nitrogen to soil and hence it was taken as important intercrop.

When Groundnut Oil consumption was reduced due to adulteration and marketing campaigns, the cultivation dropped drastically and our dependence on chemical fertilizers increased resulting into poisoning other crops.

This was part of eco-system, now lets see what groundnut has to offer as a oil.

Groundnut has 52 to 60% Oleic fatty acids which are extremely beneficial for us. By the way, Oleic acid is the same reason we buy expensive olive oil for. So, the poor groundnut, which was providing you better nutrition than olive oil with its Omega 9 and Omega 6 balance, succumbed to marketing gimmicks.

Groundnut oil has very high smoking point which makes it extremely stable against oxidation. At indicwisdom, we extract the oil on wooden churner which improves this stability even further.

Groundnut oil has a perfect balance of SFA:MUFA:PUFA which makes it general purpose oil for your everyday cooking.

Behenic acid found in groundnut is great antifoaming agent.. (Our customers must have realized by now why sesame oil foams but groundnut oil doesn’t ). Behenic acid is also a great conditioner for hair and skin.

Groundnut oil is natural source of ß-sitosterol which helps reducing cholesterol.

Unfortunately, refining or filtering kills most of the benefits of the groundnut oil breaking many fatty acid bonds.

So, start cooking with Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil and keep your family healthy and happy.

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Paan – Daily Health Dose

Today, we are writing about most effective but most hated digestive of Indian urban population.

Yes it’s Paan..

With inclusion of toxic tobacco, kimam, scented powders Paan became extremely unhealthy.. Today, its a material for paintings and artworks in subways, staircases, bridges etc.

But, Paan in its original form is extremely healthy and beneficial. Its like a digestive medicine which you MUST consume after every meal.

The combination of betel nut leave, Chuna, Kattha, arecanut aka supari, elaichi, jeshtamadh, clove, gulkand, kesar, camphor, ghungchi leaves, dry coconut is amazing medicine one must consume everyday…

Chuna is a great alkaline substance which helps reducing extra acids generated in meal.

Kattha helps weight loss, it also improves oral health.

Saffron, camphor form great antibacterial medicine.

Gulkand keeps you cool.

Betel leaf and clove are anti cavity and very healthy for gums.

Arecanut or Supari fights teeth yellowing or gum swelling. Its also used in ayurveda for enhancing skin tone for women.. That’s why you will find mention of many Queens in ancient times eating paan regularly.

Over the period, paan became bad due to inclusion of toxic and unhealthy substances like tobacco, kimam, paan chutney, scented powders etc.

But the traditional paan made with basic ingredients mentioned above can improve your digestive system and oral health to great extent..

So, stop hating this ayurvedic wisdom, look at it from practical and medicinal angle and start eating it with your family regularly as a medicine dosage.

** This article is written from references shared by Vaidya Suvinay Damle, MD Ayurveda.

Cold Pressed Safflower Oil

Cold Pressed Safflower oil:

Since we have launched safflower oil, many customers are curious about its source and how it looks etc. Hence this write-up to share few details.

Safflower is flower plant which has yellow coloured flowers like sunflower. It has small white seeds.

Oil is extracted from these seeds which have around 40% oil.

U all must have heard brand saffola. Name saffola is in fact derived from safflower. Later on they started selling blended oil but name remained.

Safflower oil has 8% SFA 14% MUFA and 78% PUFA.

It has great amount of omega-6 fatty acid called Linoliec acid which is extremely good for people having heart issues. It also, acts as a blood thinner.

Oleic acid in safflower oil provides good nourishment for skin and hence safflower oil is widely used in skin products as well.

At Indicwisdom, we extract this oil on wooden churner and deliver it fresh at your doorstep.

So, can u completely switch to safflower oil now???

Answer is NO. Because every oil has certain benefits and to stay healthy one should plan usage of these oils by using them alternately or for different type of cooking. We recommend to use this amazing oil for deep frying.

Safflower is also known as kardi, kusum, kusumba etc.

So add this wood pressed freshly extracted oil to your kitchen and give healthy lifestyle to your family.

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Quinoa and Amaranth : Tale of two siblings

Check out these similar looking seeds carefully…

They are the two siblings separated in Kumbh Ka Mela..

The first one travelled to south america to find his fortune and became super rich.. QUINOA..

The second poor chap stayed back in India and got various names like amaranth, rajgira etc.

Decades went and Quinoa became celebrated food globally whereas the other guy, though with higher protein contents and coming from same family was restricted only to fasting food…

Today, Quinoa is back to India and getting great attention and 4 times more money than poor Amaranth/rajgira/rajjira…

We at IndicWisdom won’t ever sell Quinoa as we know that our own Rajgira aka amaranth is much more nutritious and offers great benefits to people who want to reduce or maintain weight… What about you? Will you still buy Qunioa or switch to healthier and local alternative of Rajgira / Amaranth / Rajjira.

While Quinoa has approx 8% proteins Our own Amarnath has approx 12% proteins and many other nutrients in it.

If you check the price point of Rajgira / amarnath, its almost half of what people sell Quinoa for.

Amarnath on the other hand is easily available everywhere and we have so many recipes with amarnath.. Be it kheer, cookies, chikkky or rajgira flour, You can consume this amazing thing in multiple ways.

Slow Grinding / Hand Churning and Heat Dissipation

Ayurved gives lot of importance to these 2 things when it comes to food.

Slow Grinding or hand churning maintains the heat being generated in the process, making food healthier and keeping all nutrition intact in the food. In typical Indian kitchen, you will find lot of such tools.

For various flours and powders, slow Grinding works much better than fast speedy grinding with high horsepower motors. This ensures 2 things, first the flour or powder is thicker than fast grinding and it is made at almost room temperature keeping the nutrients intact.

Spices, chutneys if made on stone grinder will give amazing taste and aroma which one can never get in mechnical grinder which runs on high power motor.

What’s true for grinding also applies for churning. Hand churned buttermilk is lot more healthier than machine churned buttermilk. It takes only 2-3 minutes extra to hand churn it but the slow churning dissipates the heat slowly making the buttermilk healthier.

Heating is another very important process in Ayurveda. When the food is heated for long, it becomes easy to digest. Hence, till few decades back many people used to dry roast the flour before storing them.

While making the roti, phulka, bhakri etc. After heating it on tawa many ladies heat it directly on slow flame. This makes roti or bhakri easier to digest.

Today, quick heating and high speed grinding are also major contributors to diabetes or weight issues. Unfortunately, instead of applying basic rules, people are punishing their body with dangerous and extreme diets or workouts or some “Ayurvedic/Herbal” powders and tablets etc.

While it might sound very difficult to follow each and every method, it is wise to be aware about logic behind these methods, once you know the logic, it provides great encouragement to follow something.

Don’t punish your body.. Instead, just move to these simple practices which our ancestors used to stay fit.

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Polished Vs. Unpolished / Handpounded Rice

Why one should eat Hand pounded / Unpolished rice of local varieties?

Many people have already concluded that rice is bad, it causes diabetes, it causes weight gain and so on.

These all are only partially true.

If you check the nutritional value of full rice (Unpolished), you will understand it has lot of proteins, fats apart from carbohydrates. By polishing, you remove vital nutrients from rice. And then your super-white, equal looking grain, free flowing rice causes all the issues.

Lets see why it happens?

– You are changing composition of rice by removing the outer layer while polishing. This makes rice a food with high GI index and lots of carbohydrates. While extremely important fatty acids are removed.

– Polished rice is cooked faster than unpolished rice. While this may sound good point, its actually not. Ayurved says, ‘Agnisampark’ is very crucial for food we consume and less cooking time means hard to digest food.

– We typically use hybrid or modified varieties instead on local varieties for longer grain or bigger grain.

Our rice has 2.9% of fatty acids intact in it whereas polished rice has only 0.2 to 0.8% fatty components in it. By reducing 75 to 90% of these essential fatty acids, you are making rice harmful for yourself.

Hence, switch to locally and traditionally grown hand-pounded / unpolished rice and stay healthy always.

Apart from these scientific facts, there is one more important benefit of using locally grown varieties. These varieties have their own aromas, tastes and textures. For instance, Our Swarna rice looks golden in colour, it has sweetish taste. Ambemohar has very nice aroma, Red rice has its amazing sticky texture. While using processed and commercially grown rice, you are loosing on all these beautiful aspects of rice.. and then people complain, we get to eat same things daily.. Nature has given lots of varieties, but we are loosing all of them in the quest of standardization, high yield and brand names.

Apart from eating unpolished rice, we recommend adding Bhakri, Roti made from rice / Ragi / Jawar / Bajara etc. at least in 2-3 meals per week. This will help you for sure.

Healthy Gut Flora : Your fitness secret

Gut flora (gut microbiota, or gastrointestinal microbiota) is the complex community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of humans and other animals, including insects.

Gut Flora

If you have good gut flora.. you are miles away from lot of diseases and health issues.

Problems like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, metabolic disorders etc. Have connect with the state of gut flora.

By following some very basic principles one can improve the gut flora and stay fit.

Our ancestors were well versed with this concept and hence they had included many practices in day to day life which will improve gut flora.

Consuming fermented food, eating probiotic elements, consuming stable oils, consuming vegetables and high fibre food are some basic dietary practices followed by our ancestors.

Doing yoga and pranayam in the morning..
Going early to bed and completing the sleep..
Making sure you are in sunlight for adequate time.
Using sugar substitutes like jaggery, honey which have complex sugars..
Cooking and eating in iron, brass, copper, earthenware or stoneware..
Using aromatic oils and ubtan for bath.
Using essential oils and fragrances for elevating mood..

These are few examples of general good practices which contribute to improving gut flora..

Indian Pickle : Medicine for Digestion

Indian meal can’t be complete without this spicy, tasty, tangy portion PICKLE..
From kashmir to kanya kumari and gujarat to Nagaland you will find thousands of varieties of pickle.

It is not a coincidence that pickles with similar base ingredients are found in all regions but there is a great wisdom in it.

Pickle is your daily health balancing medicine and hence should be eaten in small quantity like medicine and not as a replacement of sabji or any main course.

As per Ayurveda, there are 6 tastes आम्ल(tangy), तिक्त(hot), कषाय(sour), मधुर(sweet), लवण(salt), कटू (bitter)

Pickle is a perfect combination of all these achieved using various regional ingredients.

Based on season, pieces will change like mango, Amla, turmeric, green chilly, onion, red chilli or even fish, chicken etc.

But the base remains mixture of all tastes which ensures your every meal gives you all possible food properties and help you stay fit…

Unfortunately, to push sauces, spreads, dips etc. The pickle was associated with hypertension…
Many pickle manufacturers also spoilt this amazing thing by adding cottonseed oil instead of traditional sesame or mustard oils…

But, if you really want to make yourself and your family healthy, make sure you add home made good quality pickles to your meals..

Adding a good quality pickle will ensure your family gets all 6 tastes in every meal making their meals complete..

So enjoy your meals and stay fit.

Unifloral Honey : Karvi and Karanj Honey

IndicWisdom offers 10 varieties of unifloral honey in association with Satmaha.

Today, We will talk about two varieties are unifloral honey which are great nutrition for new moms and infants / kids.

Unifloral Honey From Karvi Flower

Karvi grows on bessault rock, which has very high iron contents. These beautiful looking flowers are found in many places near satara , Kaas plateu, sangali etc. Each plant flowers once in 7 years. Due to high iron contents of bessault rocks, honey extracted from karvi is amazing source of haemoglobin and iron. This honey is different from others as it has lumps contrary to other smooth textured honey. If you know any woman who is anemic or has lower haemoglobin or is new mom.. this is perfect natural gift for her. Please share this info. With your friends who are in above mentioned states.

Unifloral Honey From Karanj Flower

Karanj is another gift of nature. You can see the flower in second image. Many parents don’t give honey to kids due to risk of infant botulism. Karanj honey is a perfect solution to make sure your kid gets perfect nutrients from honey without being at risk of botulism. Karanj honey has amazing fragrance naturally and kids love taste of this honey. It is also great remedy for intenstinal worms found in kids.

Are you still gifting your friends or new moms those chocolate boxes or uria filled milk sweets or maida cookies?

Please switch to these healthier options today.

Unifloral and Multifloral Honey

This post is to note down various types of honey and why they are important.

Honey is broadly categorized as :

  – Single Floral

  – Multifloral

Single Floral honey is typically collected from single type of flora. For instance bee boxes are kept in plantation of litchi or Sarso or Jamun. This kind of honey is collected in flowering season of particular plant. For instance Jamun honey will be collected in the month of April & May.

Multifloral Honey is collected from forest where there are different varieties of plants and flowers found together.
While single floral Honey is targeted towards specific health benefits, multifloral honey is beneficial in general.

For instance Jamun Honey is beneficial for diabetes, Sarso Honey is good for Asthama and Karavi honey is good for haemoglobin, Hirda-Gela and eucalyptus honey are effective on Cough and cold.

Colour of honey varies depending on its source. Some types are dark in colour others are lighter. Even taste, viscosity, texture and smell will largely depend on source of the honey.

Although, most of us know by now, let us repeat, honey crystallizes naturally.

IndicWisdom is launching 10 types of single floral honey and a multifloral honey this week. In packs of 200gms, 500gms & 1 Kg.

Also, We will explain health benefits of each honey and sources of the honey over next few days.
So keep following us to know about this amazing creation of nature.

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