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  • The oil thus extracted from a wooden Ghani was called as wood pressed oil. It was also referred to as cold-pressed oil. The instrument used to extract oil was called ‘Chekku’, ‘Ghani’ or ‘Kolhu’ expressed differently and colloquially in varied Indian languages to describe cold-pressed oil machines.
  • Solvents are added during the preparation that makes the oil toxic in nature and harms our health. The cold pressing method is much natural as the oil extracted will be in its natural molecular nature. The yield is less in wood pressed oil but is far healthier than the modern alternative. The old method of wooden ghani crushing was widely used.


  • It is also called as cold pressed oil. In Tamil, it is popularly known as mara chekku ennai. But in the last few decades, with the arrival of refined oil, use of wood pressed oil is reduced and it was only used very rarely only in few traditional villages. Wood pressed oils are making a comeback now.


Our packaging is in PET Plastic bottles which are food grade. We also have reports for plastic quality used.
We also have tested whether the packaging has any impact on quality of oil, this tests were performed right after packaging and also after the end of the shelf life of the product.

And we are happy to inform you that our packaging has no impact on the oil quality and does not hamper any of its parameters.

Team IndicWisdom.

For those of us who grew up in the previous generation or grew up listening to the stories of our elders about the quality of their life back in the day, we realise so much has changed. And yes, while it may be hard to believe, the same applies to the quality of oil we consume today. The category of refined oil that we consume today is readily available and at really affordable prices, but wood-pressed oils have a horde of benefits for our health. Here are a few important of Wood Pressed Oil that you must know about.

  • They retain all their nutrients, which includes proteins, vitamins, lecithin, phospholipids, and fibre. These are important for our overall health as they keep our bodies functioning at their optimum levels.
  • Because of being extracted at a lower heat, wood-pressed oils have a lower overall level of cholesterol. It promotes the level of good cholesterol (HDL) while reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels.
  • Because they are made without any solvent, wood-pressed oils are completely free of any harmful substances including hexane, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, and bleaching agents, preservatives, and trans fat.
  • Most importantly, Wood-Pressed oils are a rich source of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) which are beneficial for our cardiovascular health.

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• Coconut oil is high in SFA as a result, it freezes below 18 degree Celsius temperature.
• If the bottle is in warmer condition / heated to flame nearby etc. then it might not freeze.
• You can try keeping the bottle in refrigerator which will simulate exact environment of below 18 degrees and you will be able to see freezing.
• Outside refrigerator even small things like surface on which bottle is kept, warmth of kitchen etc. affect the behaviour.
• If it doesn’t solidify even in refrigerator do let us know and we will provide replacement and take this sample for analyzing why it didn’t happen.

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