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Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil -6%
Extracted from almonds by cold pressed technique on wooden churner. No chemicals, Solvents etc. adde..
₹450/- ₹425/-
text_tax ₹405/-

Hand Churned ghee made from pure milk of desi cow breeds.This is a ghee made with traditional proces..
text_tax ₹702/-

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil (5 Liters) -21%
Cold Pressed Groundnut OilOur Cold pressed groundnut oil is extracted by pressing groundnuts at room..
₹1,450/- ₹1,150/-
text_tax ₹1,095/-

Unprocessed Camphor Crystals -21%
Natural camphor in solid format without adding any chemicals or any processing done to it.Best for s..
₹165/- ₹130/-
text_tax ₹130/-

Combo-007 (1lt each Groundnut, Coconut, Sesame) -10%
1 Liter Cold Pressed Coconut Oil1 Liter Cold Pressed Sesame Oil1 Liter Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil.As..
₹954/- ₹855/-
text_tax ₹814/-

Combo-021 (1 Lt each Coconut Oil, Groundnut Oil, Kokum Sarbat) -10%
3 Fluid Combois a combo which contains 1 liter Coconut Oil, 1 Liter Groundnut Oil, 1 liter Kokum Sar..
₹820/- ₹740/-
text_tax ₹705/-

Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil (100ml) -9%
Flaxseeds are considered very effective for reducing cholesterol. Flaxseed is used in various forms ..
₹144/- ₹131/-
text_tax ₹125/-

This is our highest selling combo of summer. Perfect pair to fight summer is here.Just drink 2 glass..
text_tax ₹462/-

Pure powder of white sandalwood. No Fragrance added, No chemical / fixer / preservative added...
text_tax ₹650/-

Combo-001 (1Lt Groundnut, 500ml sesame, 500ml coconut) -9%
1 Liter Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil500 ml Cold Pressed Coconut Oil500 ml Cold Pressed Sesame OilThis ..
₹645/- ₹585/-
text_tax ₹557/-

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (500ml) -3%
Cold pressed coconut oilIt is extracted from sun dried coconut. No added preservatives, no added che..
₹190/- ₹184/-
text_tax ₹175/-

Dink Laddoo 500g (Gond ke Laddoo) -4%
Dink Laddoo also known as gond ke laddoo have amazing combination of dink, coconut, poppy seeds, jag..
₹236/- ₹227/-
text_tax ₹227/-

Guggal Dhoop (Myrrh) 250 gms New
Guggal Dhoop or Myrrh is another natural fragrance used in traditional indian rituals for air cleans..
text_tax ₹325/-

Raw Dhoop Frankincense 250g New
Pure and Raw dhoop 250g. Perfect air cleanser, raw and natural, unprocessed dhoop.Dhoop or fran..
text_tax ₹255/-

Dashang Dhup & Loban Cups New
Dashang Dhup is best purifier in rainy season and winter. This is a season when lot of infections an..
text_tax ₹134/-

Kesar Heena Incense Stick New
This is a pack of 20 incense sticks. Hand rolled and made with pure attars.No chemicals, No syntheti..
text_tax ₹179/-

Loban Cups- Benzoin New
These small and wonderful cups made from Oudh, Coal, Spices and Natural Fragrances.Very effective as..
text_tax ₹66/-

Home Spa - Salt Crystals - Crystamin New
Himalayan Pink salt rich in 84 minerals is packaged in crystalline form.This is perfect bathing salt..
text_tax ₹499/-

Loban (Benzoin) - Raw and pure 250g New
Bring small pieces of woods which should not be wet or moist. Light a fire on them. Crush the&n..
text_tax ₹255/-

Crystamin Himalayan Pink Salt New -5%
Pure, Organic and natural Himalayan pink salt from crystamin...
₹465/- ₹440/-
text_tax ₹440/-

Pure Neem Oil 200ml New
Oil extracted from Neem Seeds this is a best oil for skin and scalp.Used in many beauty products, ne..
text_tax ₹118/-

Combo-020 -15%
This Combo includes 5 liter cold pressed mustard oil, 500ml hand churned cow ghee, and 500ml ajwain ..
₹2,724/- ₹2,328/-
text_tax ₹2,217/-

Combo-019 (Coconut Oil & Ghee) -13%
This great value combo has 5 liters of coconut oil and 1 liter Hand churned desi cow ghee.Cold press..
₹3,039/- ₹2,643/-
text_tax ₹2,517/-

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