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Combo-008 (2 Lt Groundnut Oil + 2Lt Safflower Oil) -14%
This combo includes :2 Liters of Cold Pressed Groudnut Oil2 Liters of Cold Pressed Safflower OilPerf..
₹1,155/- ₹992/-
text_tax ₹945/-

Combo-005 (2lt Safflower, 1lt Sesame, 1lt Groundnut) -12%
This combo has total 4 liters of oil.2 Liters cold pressed safflower oil1 Liter cold pressed white s..
₹1,230/- ₹1,080/-
text_tax ₹1,029/-

Combo-015 (1Lt Safflower Oil, 1Lt Sesame Oil, 1Lt Groundnut Oil) -12%
Another combination of 3 oils to address all your cooking needs.1 Liter Cold Pressed Safflower Oil1 ..
₹920/- ₹810/-
text_tax ₹771/-

Combo-022 (1lt Groundnut Oil, 1lt Coconut Oil, 1 lt safflower Oil) -11%
This Combo is for those who love indulge in cooking various dish. It has healthy alternative fo..
₹915/- ₹810/-
text_tax ₹771/-

Dink Laddoo also known as gond ke laddoo have amazing combination of dink, coconut, poppy seeds, jag..
text_tax ₹286/-

Hand Churned ghee made from pure milk of desi cow breeds.This is a ghee made with traditional proces..
text_tax ₹701/-

What’s so special about Apple Cider Vinegar?Natural apple cider Vinegar contains 19 of 22 essential ..
text_tax ₹466/-

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil 100ml -6%
Extracted from almonds by cold pressed technique on wooden churner. No chemicals, Solvents etc. adde..
₹450/- ₹425/-
text_tax ₹405/-

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil 500ml -14%
Extracted from almonds by cold pressed technique on wooden churner. No chemicals, Solvents etc. adde..
₹1,749/- ₹1,502/-
text_tax ₹1,430/-

Cold Pressed Walnut OilThis is great source of PUFA and Omega 3 fatty acids.Cold Pressed walnut oil ..
text_tax ₹629/-

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil (5 Liters) -18%
Cold Pressed Groundnut OilOur Cold pressed groundnut oil is extracted by pressing groundnuts at room..
₹1,400/- ₹1,150/-
text_tax ₹1,095/-

Women Health Combo (200ml Coconut Oil, 200ml Almond Oil, 200ml Flaxseed Oil, 25gm White Sandalwood Powder, 400gm HOME SPA SALT CRYSTALS) New -10%
*Gift HEALTH to all gorgeous Women....*IndicWisdom announces a health gift hamper specially designed..
₹1,759/- ₹1,590/-
text_tax ₹1,514/-

Pure Neem Oil 5Ltr New
Oil extracted from Neem Seeds this is a best oil for skin and scalp.Used in many beauty products, ne..
text_tax ₹2,286/-

Saundarya Nikhar Face Pack New
Face Mask made from various ayurvedic herbs like Ambe Haldi, Tulsi, Neem, Chandan, Shatavari, Kapoor..
text_tax ₹50/-

Health Amrut 300ml New
A Unique Beverage of Indian Mulberry extract with Pure Honey.Fruit of Morinda Citrifolia Indian Mulb..
text_tax ₹238/-

Karvanda Sarbat Syrup 500ml New
Locally known as Karvanda or english name Carissa spinarum, the conkerberry or bush p..
text_tax ₹130/-

Kesh Nikhar Shampoo 200ml New
Hair cleanser made from various ayurvedic herbs which are beneficial for hair nourishment.Base for t..
text_tax ₹90/-

Arecanut 3 Compartment 9 Inch plate (Pack of 10) - Pav Bhaji Plates New
Arecanut / Beetnut / Supari plates. Made by pressing Arecanut leaves.Eco-Friendly, Bio-degradable, s..
text_tax ₹125/-

Kashmiri Shahi Qawah 150gm New
Kashmiri Shahi Qawah is a traditional Kashmiri Green tea drink spiced with saffron, Green Carda..
text_tax ₹133/-

Sorpotel Masala New
Sorpotel is a very delicious Goan dish Cooked during Festivals and Goan Weddings. It is sometimes sa..
text_tax ₹85/-

Fish Fry Masala New
A day without Fish in Goa is no day at all. Make your Fried Fish with Karma’s Aromatic and delicatel..
text_tax ₹95/-

Goan Xacuti Powder New
Xacuti is a Goan coconut based curry dish usually made with chicken or beef. Karma’s Goan Xacuti Mas..
text_tax ₹95/-

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