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Ayurved Products

Ayurved offers huge variety of health and wellness products. IndicWisdom brings you many such pure products from various sources.

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Amla Powder

Pure powder extracted from sun dried Amla fruit.Amla has multiple Health benefits. This powder can b..

₹90/- Ex Tax: ₹90/-

Drumstick Honey

The source flora of Drumstick honey is Moringa oleifera plant. This honey is the best sour..

₹260/- Ex Tax: ₹260/-

Gau Amrutam Nasya

Made from Desi Cow Ghee these drops are beneficial for addressing multiple issues.Be it snoring prob..

₹150/- Ex Tax: ₹150/-

Gomaya Facepack

This facepack is made with all natural ingredients. No chemicals, synthetic material added.Perfect c..

₹80/- Ex Tax: ₹80/-

Gulkand with Praval & Elaichi

With roses grown without any chemical fertilizers in Satara districts of Maharashtra, this Gulkand a..

₹350/- Ex Tax: ₹350/-

Hingwastak Churn Powder

Hingwastak Churna is very useful herbal powder mix used in the treatment of Indigestion in Ayurveda ..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Hirda-Gela Honey

Hirda-Gela Honey is the magic of Sahyadri valley. This honey is collected from flora of Termina..

₹350/- Ex Tax: ₹350/-

Jambhul Honey

Jambhul Honey is the magic of Sahyadri valley. This honey is collected from flora of Syzygium c..

₹375/- Ex Tax: ₹375/-

Jamun Seed Powder

Jamun Seed powder is considered to be extremely beneficial for diabetes.You can mix it with water on..

₹90/- Ex Tax: ₹90/-

Jeshtamadh (Mulethi)

Used for boost the body’s immune system, arthritis and fever, acidity & coug..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Karela Powder 100 gms

Pure powder made by grinding sun dried bitter gourd / Karela.Its considered extremely beneficial as ..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Karvi Honey

The source flora of Karvi honey is Pleocaulus Litchi plant. It grows on Sahyadri top on th..

₹180/- Ex Tax: ₹180/-

Kashmiri Acacia Honey

Raw and unprocessed Acacia honey collected from Kashmir. ..

₹210/- Ex Tax: ₹210/-

Kesh Nikhar Shampoo

Hair cleanser made from various ayurvedic herbs which are beneficial for hair nourishment.Base for t..

₹50/- Ex Tax: ₹50/-

Kokum Sarbat Syrup

Garcinia Indica or Locally known as Ratamba is found mostly in Konkan.Amazing appetizer and antioxid..

₹195/- Ex Tax: ₹195/-