Cold pressed coconut oil extracted from copra on Wooden Churner.
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Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (500ml)

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (500ml)

Cold pressed coconut oil

It is extracted from sun dried coconut. No added preservatives, no added chemicals, no solvent.

We extract cold pressed coconut oil on our wooden churner which is made from babul tree trunk.

Usage of wooden vessel and slow pressing process makes sure temperature of oil is always maintained at nearly room temperature making it truly cold pressed.

How can you use our Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

It is edible grade oil and can be used for raw consumption and cooking.

- Cold pressed coconut oil can also be used for skin and hair.

- Our cold pressed coconut oil is a best carrier oil for making massage oil or ayurvedic medicines.

Benefits of cold pressed coconut Oil

- Improves metabolism due to free fatty acids, omega fatty acids and other vital elements.

- Cool in nature, perfect oil for massage in summer.

- Cold pressed coconut oil improves taste and aroma of the food.

- Cold pressed coconut oil can help in weightloss, controlling diabetes and blood pressure.

- Most importantly, it improves your gut flora which results in various health benefits.

500ml Cold Pressed Coconut Oil bottle easy to carry and perfect for those who consume raw coconut oil on daily basis.

Check Our Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Extraction Process Here

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