Eucalyptus Honey, Best honey for cough, cold asthama and allegies, raw eucalyptus honey, pure honey
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Eucalyptus Honey 1kg

Eucalyptus Honey 1kg

The source flora of Eucalyptus honey is Eucalyptus globulas plant. This Delicious Honey is useful as Nutrient helping to get fast recovery from Cough, Cold & Allergy. Take 8-10 Tulsi leaves + 2-3 pieces of Ginger with 1 table spoon of Eucalyptus Honey. Chew the mixture in mouth for 2-3 minutes. Swallow it. Drink luke warm water after swallowing. Take it three times a day for seven days. For allergy, take 1/2 lemon juice in luke warm water with one table spoon of Eucalyptus Honey, at empty stomach in early morning & at night before sleeping.

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