Traditionally Grown Farm Products
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Farm Products

This category is for traditionally grown farm products like variety of turmeric, chillies, rice, wheat, 

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Ajowan Honey

Extracted from Ajowan plantation by keeping bee boxes in ajowan fields.Very good for stomachache, ga..

₹260/- Ex Tax: ₹248/-

Amla Powder

Pure powder extracted from sun dried Amla fruit.Amla has multiple Health benefits. This powder can b..

₹90/- Ex Tax: ₹90/-

Crystamin Himalayan Pink Salt New -5%

Crystamin Himalayan Pink Salt

Pure, Organic and natural Himalayan pink salt from crystamin...

₹465/- ₹440/- Ex Tax: ₹440/-

Drumstick Honey

The source flora of Drumstick honey is Moringa oleifera plant. This honey is the best sour..

₹260/- Ex Tax: ₹248/-

Eucalyptus Honey

The source flora of Eucalyptus honey is Eucalyptus globulas plant. This Delicious Honey is..

₹250/- Ex Tax: ₹238/-

Godwa Jaggery

Godwa Jaggery is manufactured by Orchid Endeavors from Kolhapur.Kolhapur, an ancient city from weste..

₹90/- Ex Tax: ₹86/-

Gulkand with Praval & Elaichi

With roses grown without any chemical fertilizers in Satara districts of Maharashtra, this Gulkand a..

₹350/- Ex Tax: ₹333/-

Hirda-Gela Honey

Hirda-Gela Honey is the magic of Sahyadri valley. This honey is collected from flora of Termina..

₹350/- Ex Tax: ₹333/-

Jambhul Honey

Jambhul Honey is the magic of Sahyadri valley. This honey is collected from flora of Syzygium c..

₹375/- Ex Tax: ₹375/-

Jamun Seed Powder

Jamun Seed powder is considered to be extremely beneficial for diabetes.You can mix it with water on..

₹90/- Ex Tax: ₹90/-

Kannauji Rose Water -22%

Kannauji Rose Water

Made from pure extract of roses with no added colour, fragrance or chemical.Rosewater can be used fo..

₹160/- ₹125/- Ex Tax: ₹125/-

Karanj Honey

The source flora of Karanj Honey is Pongamia pinnata plant. This flora is available in hig..

₹325/- Ex Tax: ₹325/-

Karela Powder 100 gms

Pure powder made by grinding sun dried bitter gourd / Karela.Its considered extremely beneficial as ..

₹130/- Ex Tax: ₹130/-

Karvi Honey

The source flora of Karvi honey is Pleocaulus Litchi plant. It grows on Sahyadri top on th..

₹180/- Ex Tax: ₹180/-

Litchi Honey

The source flora of Litchi honey is Litchi chine plant. This Delicious Honey is collected ..

₹260/- Ex Tax: ₹260/-

Multifloral Honey

Multi Floral Honey is collected from the Agricultural and forest regions of India, in the flowering ..

₹225/- Ex Tax: ₹225/-

Mustard Honey

The source flora of Mustard Honey is Brasica repa plant. Mustard Honey is the best nutrien..

₹250/- Ex Tax: ₹250/-

Organic Turmeric

This turmeric is grown in konkan without using any chemical fertilizer, pesticide. The farm its..

₹190/- Ex Tax: ₹190/-

Raagi Sattva with Jaggery

Orchid Endeavor from Kolhapur has made this amazing Raagi Sattva specially for healthy breakfast.Com..

₹90/- Ex Tax: ₹90/-

Red Chilli Powder 500 gms

Made from "Lavangi Mirchi" found in Satara.These are red chillies and are very hot.The chilli powder..

₹195/- Ex Tax: ₹195/-

Sunflower Honey

The source flora of Sunflower honey is Helianthus annuus plant. It is the Golden color Del..

₹250/- Ex Tax: ₹250/-

Swarna Handpounded Rice

Swarna Handpounded Rice is a low GI, unpolished rice.Low GI suits a diabetic patients. The best part..

₹97/- Ex Tax: ₹97/-