Traditional Ready to Eat Food Snacks, Sweets, Pickles
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Healthy Food

This category offers healthy and chemical free snacks, sweets, and other ready to eat healthy and traditional food.

Stay fit, Stay Happy, Stay connected to your roots.

Enjoy traditionally made and chemical free ready to eat tasty items.

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Dink Laddoo 500g (Gond ke Laddoo) -4%

Dink Laddoo 500g (Gond ke Laddoo)

Dink Laddoo also known as gond ke laddoo have amazing combination of dink, coconut, poppy seeds, jag..

₹236/- ₹227/- Ex Tax: ₹227/-

Kashay - Tea Substitute

This is a perfect and very healthy tea substitute to trigger metabolism and stay fit.Made from perfe..

₹100/- Ex Tax: ₹89/-

Oat Crunch 100g -12%

Oat Crunch 100g

Oat Crunch is a perfect healthy snack made in the form of puri.Combination of oats, fenugrik, Flaxse..

₹100/- ₹87/- Ex Tax: ₹78/-

Premium Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo is a made with besan, pure Pure Ghee, sugar and fragrant cardamom. Besan ladoo is made a..

₹236/- Ex Tax: ₹236/-

Premium Dryfruit Laddoo 500g -7%

Premium Dryfruit Laddoo 500g

This is amazing tasty and healthy laddoo made with rich ingredients.Dryfruits like Anjeer, Dates, Ca..

₹472/- ₹440/- Ex Tax: ₹440/-

Premium Khajur Laddoo 500g -3%

Premium Khajur Laddoo 500g

This amazing laddoo is free from sugar and jaggery.With natural sweetness in sugar and tastes from c..

₹344/- ₹335/- Ex Tax: ₹335/-

Premium Methi Ladoo with Jaggery (Pure Ghee)

500 gmWhole Wheat FlourJaggeryPure Gheefenugreek powder (methi)Dry dates(Kharik)..

₹236/- Ex Tax: ₹236/-

Premium Naachni (Raagi) Laddoo (Jaggery) 500g

Nachani / Raagi / Finger Millet / Red Millet is highly nutritious millet famous across india.Great s..

₹304/- Ex Tax: ₹304/-

Premium Nachni (Ragi) Ladoo

Premium Ragi ladoo made with ragi flour, wheat flour, sugar, Pure Ghee and cardamom is tasty and hea..

₹236/- Ex Tax: ₹236/-

Premium Paushtik Ladoo (Multi grain Ladoo)

Paushtik Ladoo is made with of Pure Ghee, wheat flour, dried fruits and nuts. Paushtik ladoos are Va..

₹250/- Ex Tax: ₹250/-

Premium Rawa Laddoo 500g -11%

Premium Rawa Laddoo 500g

Made with best quality rawa and pure ghee these are delicious ladoos liked by people across india.50..

₹235/- ₹210/- Ex Tax: ₹210/-

Raagi Sattva with Jaggery

Orchid Endeavor from Kolhapur has made this amazing Raagi Sattva specially for healthy breakfast.Com..

₹90/- Ex Tax: ₹90/-

Ragi Crunch 100g -12%

Ragi Crunch 100g

Ragi Crunch is ready to eat snacks made in the form of traditional Sev. Ragi or red millet is a very..

₹100/- ₹87/- Ex Tax: ₹78/-

Rice Protein Fryumps 100g

Another healthy snack option for health cautious people...

₹40/- Ex Tax: ₹40/-

Stevia Natural Sweetner Drops

Pure extract of stevia leaves. Natural sweetner and sugar substitute.Available in 15ml & 25 ml s..

₹200/- Ex Tax: ₹200/-

Ukala (Chikori based coffee substitute)

Ukala is a perfect mixture of Chickori and spices which will help improving your digestion and keep ..

₹85/- Ex Tax: ₹85/-