Kolhapuri imitation jewellery : Thushi, Vajratik, Saaj, Bajuband, Belpan, Petihar, Chaplahar
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Kolhapur Imitation Jewellery

Kolhapur was a capital of Maratha Empire for years, during this period, Kolhapur developed many of its signature art, food and culture forms.

Through this category, we want to bring traditional Kolhapur Jewellery to our customers.

Kolhapuri Saaj, Kolhapuri Thushi, Chaplahar, Petihar, Chinchpeti, Belpan tik, Vajratik, Bajuband and many more amazing ornaments are handcrafted by experienced artists in Kolhapur.

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Earrings Draksh Top

Earrings Draksh Top are like a grape shape. ..

₹140/- Ex Tax: ₹140/-

Gadi Thushi Belpan Tik with Moti

Gadi Thushi Belpan Tik with Moti ia a traditional Kolhapur design.Contrary to heavy designs, this ca..

₹910/- Ex Tax: ₹910/-

Kolhapuri Antiq Peti Haar

Peti means box. This Haar is made from 16 small box shaped pieces carved with traditional design and..

₹850/- Ex Tax: ₹850/-

Kolhapuri Jijamata Haar

The perfect ornament for Nauvari or paithani named after mother of great king Shivaji Maharaj.This t..

₹840/- Ex Tax: ₹840/-

Kolhapuri Saaj 10 Paani Javmani

This elegant design with 10 leaves pattern is a very famous ornament from Kolhapur. Hand made by art..

₹840/- Ex Tax: ₹840/-

Mahalaxmi Moti Gadi Thushi Vajratik

Mahalaxmi Moti Gadi Thushi Vajratik is a combination of gadi thushi with vajratik design.Perfectly s..

₹1,560/- Ex Tax: ₹1,560/-

Thushi Javmani Rathachakra Pendent

Javmani design has small sphere shaped beads. The pendent is made like a chakra...

₹700/- Ex Tax: ₹700/-

Thushi Patta Neckles

Another traditional gem of kolhapuri jewellery. This is a choker pattern that suits every traditiona..

₹600/- Ex Tax: ₹600/-

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