Shahi Garam Masala, Pallavi Spices.
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Shahi Garam Masala 50g,Pallavi Spices.

Shahi Garam Masala 50g,Pallavi Spices.

The unique and adorable feature of our 'Shahi Garam Masala' is the absence of Coriander Seeds (Dhaniya/Dhane) and Cumin seeds (Jira/Jire) which do not dilute the fragrance and taste in preparations of recipes and are generally found in the market. On account of this virtue, even a small quantity of our Garam Masala serve their purpose in providing that unparalleled fragrance and taste to your recipe. The addition of Coriander seeds and Cumin seeds is mostly done to compete in the market on the price front, which we strictly stayed away from. In line with the motto of Pallavi's Spices, to give only the best without any adulteration in taste and fragrance for which our spices are loved for, we stuck to the age old and traditional method of preparing this masala for which we have been blessed by many veteran spice connoisseurs. The end result of using our quality Garam Masala is maximizing the delight of the food lovers and over a period one understands that moderate quantitywise usage in recipes equals the cost advantage offered by other products in the market. Our Shahi Garam Masala is an instant favorite on recipes like Veg & Non-veg Biryani, Pulav of different origins, Pavbhaji, Punjabi vegetables, Parothas, Dahiwada etc.
Used in: Shahi Garam Masala is used in Biryani, Pulav, Punjabi Vegetable Recipes, Dahiwade, Paronthe, Cutlet, & 
Non-Veg Recipes etc.


Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom, Black Cardamom, Black Pepper, Caraway Seeds, Mace, Bay Leaf.

Note:Garam Masala of Pallavi's Spices with Cinnamon as the base ingredient has 8 quality ingredients

Best Before 12 Month From Packaging.

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