Pickles-Chutney-Pastes from all regions of india
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India has great variety of pickles, chutney and pastes.

Every region has different taste, ingredients and properties of these amazing tasty and yummy preparations.

We bring you traditionally made pickles from all over india at your doorstep.

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Ambot Tik Paste

The meaning of the word “Ambot Tik” in konkani is “Sour & Spicy”. This is one of the favourite w..

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Balchao Masala Cooking Paste

Balchao is a method of cooking and preserving, fish, prawns or red meat. This dish Originated in Mac..

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Bombay Duck Balchao -18%

Bombay Duck Balchao

Bombay duck is sun dried and pickled in a blend of spices and condiments which give it a rich and ar..

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Cafreal Masala Paste

This dish has its origins from the African community which served in Goa during the Portuguese Rule...

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Caldin Curry Masala Paste

The word “caldin” Actually means “stew” in Portuguese. Prawn Caldin is a favourite Goan Dish which i..

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Dry Prawn Balchao

Dry Prawns and Spices are ground together in vinegar and allowed to pickle. Traditional Goan recipe ..

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Fish Fry Masala

A day without Fish in Goa is no day at all. Make your Fried Fish with Karma’s Aromatic and delicatel..

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Fresh Prawn Balchao

As the name suggests this Pickle is made with whole fried Prawns and a rich blend of spices which ar..

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Fresh Prawn Molho

Spices are ground in coconut vinegar and later added to fried prawns to get the unique flavor that o..

₹110/- Ex Tax: ₹98/-

Fresh Prawn Pickle

As the name suggests this Pickle is made with whole fried Prawns and a rich blend of spices which ar..

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Goan Curry Masala

Is the famous Goan Prawn Curry, a delicacy out of Reach? Not any More. With Karma’s Goan Curry Masal..

₹100/- Ex Tax: ₹95/-

Goan Xacuti Powder

Xacuti is a Goan coconut based curry dish usually made with chicken or beef. Karma’s Goan Xacuti Mas..

₹100/- Ex Tax: ₹95/-

Mackerel Para

Para is a Goan dish which is thick Gravy cooked with any time of dried Fish. You will need to cook t..

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Prawn Molho (Premium)

Made with Fresh prawns in delicious spices.Spice Blend It ContainsFresh PrawnsOnionGingerGarlic..

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Recheado Masala Paste

In Portuguese Racheado means “stuffed”. Racheado Masala is a very aromatic masala full of flavours a..

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Sorpotel Masala

Sorpotel is a very delicious Goan dish Cooked during Festivals and Goan Weddings. It is sometimes sa..

₹95/- Ex Tax: ₹85/-

Squid Pickle

Authentic Goan Squid Pickle makes a perfect accompaniment to be relished with your food. Karma's bri..

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Vindalho Masala Paste

Goan Vindalho has its originations from the Portuguese Delicacy ” Carne de Vinha D’alhos” which is a..

₹95/- Ex Tax: ₹85/-

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