Traditionally Grown Spices
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Spices & Herbs

India is a land of spices and we use huge variety of spices in our preparations.

IndicWisdom brings you traditionally grown spices, powders, spices mixes and so on.

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Agri Masala - Pallavi Spices

Agri Masala is a special recipe from Ashtagar area which is a coastal area of Raigad, Thane, Mumbai ..

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Amla Powder

Pure powder extracted from sun dried Amla fruit.Amla has multiple Health benefits. This powder can b..

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Bombay Duck Balchao

Bombay duck is sun dried and pickled in a blend of spices and condiments which give it a rich and ar..

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Date & Lime Pickle

Date and Lime pickle from Moms Magic is a perfect choice for those who dont eat pickle because it ha..

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Garam Masala - Swayam Spices

This is a special garam masala from Western Maharashtra Region.In India, You will find garam masala ..

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Gavran Maratha Masala

Gavran Maratha Masala is delectably spicier and has a huge fan following in veg and non veg cuisines..

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Ghati Masala - Swayam Masale

Ghati Masala is a traditional blended chicken curry masala from Western Ghats of Maharashtra.This is..

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Goda Masala

Goda Masala is most widely used and cherished spicy- sweet mix popular for its inviting aroma and de..

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Jamun Seed Powder

Jamun Seed powder is considered to be extremely beneficial for diabetes.You can mix it with water on..

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Jeeravan Masala,Pallavi Spices.

Jeeravan Masala is a perfect taste enhancer and enhances the taste of most snacks daily served in ev..

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Kanda Lasun Masala,Pallavi Spices.

With expert spicenchors hailing from Kolhapur, Pallavi's Spices, Kanda Lasun Masala is a spicy, dele..

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Kashay - Tea Substitute

This is a perfect and very healthy tea substitute to trigger metabolism and stay fit.Made from perfe..

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Kashmiri Magic Masala Tikki

Amazing mixture of kashmiri red chilies, Shallots (Wild Onions), garlic, 7 spices, Salt and oil.Perf..

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Kashmiri Shahi Qawah

Kashmiri Shahi Qawah is a traditional Kashmiri Green tea based drink which is tasty and healthy subs..

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Kolhapuri Masala, Pallavi Spices.

Kolhapuri Masala is particularly favorite with people loving preparations between mild and extra spi..

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Kolhapuri Misal Masala,Pallavi Spices.

Misal, meaning "mixture", is most happening delicacy in Maharashtra and slowly catching the rest of ..

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Mackerel Para

Para is a Goan dish which is thick Gravy cooked with any time of dried Fish. You will need to cook t..

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Malwani masala,Pallavi Spices.

An incredible combination of India spices, Malwani masala is often used in the Konkani (Maharashtria..

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Moms Magic Biryani Masala

Home made Biryani Masala from Mom's Magic.100g Pack for making perfect biryani...

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Organic Turmeric

This turmeric is grown in konkan without using any chemical fertilizer, pesticide. The farm its..

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PavBhaji Masala,Pallavi Spices.

A famous Indian fast food in western India, it is now well spread thanks to its immense popularity i..

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Punjabi Garam Masala,Pallavi Spices.

Garam Masala as the name suggests is actually a blend of spices used to impart a distinct aroma to t..

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Red Chilli Powder - Swayam Masale

Pure red chilly powder from Swayam Masale.This pure spice is made from single ingredient thats lavan..

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Red Chilli Powder 500 gms

Made from "Lavangi Mirchi" found in Satara.These are red chillies and are very hot.The chilli powder..

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