Vivek Rural Development Center
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Vivek Rural Development Center

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Bamboo Tray With Handle

Tray With handle made from bamboo. Eco-friendly serving tray. A must have in your kitchen collection..

₹750/- Ex Tax: ₹750/-

Bullock Cart Night Lamp

Bullock Cart  night Lamp is a eco-friendly, elegant lamp made from cane.Perfect for your drawin..

₹900/- Ex Tax: ₹900/-

C Shape Bamboo Tray

Bamboo kitchen tray, handmade and eco-friendly, with unique C shaped handles.Perfect for serving tea..

₹650/- Ex Tax: ₹650/-

Cane Sofa Set

Cane Sofa Set has 2 chairs and a 2 seater sofa.Eco friendly and perfectly finished, sturdy at the sa..

₹38,000/- Ex Tax: ₹38,000/-

Gau Amrutam Nasya

Made from Desi Cow Ghee these drops are beneficial for addressing multiple issues.Be it snoring prob..

₹150/- Ex Tax: ₹150/-

Gomaya Facepack

This facepack is made with all natural ingredients. No chemicals, synthetic material added.Perfect c..

₹80/- Ex Tax: ₹68/-

Kesh Nikhar Shampoo

Hair cleanser made from various ayurvedic herbs which are beneficial for hair nourishment.Base for t..

₹50/- Ex Tax: ₹50/-

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