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VN Sons, Pune

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Chandan Cones

These are unique Cone shaped dhoop sticks with Sandalwood fragrance.Make your mornings and evenings ..

₹75/- Ex Tax: ₹75/-

Green Rose Incense Sticks

These are hand rolled incense sticks with amazing Green Rose natural fragrance. This soothing fragra..

₹45/- Ex Tax: ₹45/-

Hamir : Natural Attar 3ml

Hamir is a perfect blend of sandalwood oil, heena, saffron and Kewda.Its a perfect gift for natural ..

₹500/- Ex Tax: ₹500/-

Hina - Hamir : Premium Attar Combo

These are 2 premium Attars made with completely natural fragrances both having unique aroma.Great bl..

₹950/- Ex Tax: ₹950/-

Hina : Natural Premium Attar

This is a no chemical, natural fragrance traditionally made by artisans from Kannauj and blended to ..

₹500/- Ex Tax: ₹500/-

Kannauji Rose Water

Made from pure extract of roses with no added colour, fragrance or chemical.Rosewater can be used fo..

₹160/- Ex Tax: ₹160/-

Kesar Chandan Incense Sticks

These amazing Hand Rolled Incense sticks are made from completely natural fragrances.No chemicals or..

₹100/- Ex Tax: ₹100/-

Khushboo Pouch

This is a powdered perfume filled in a small silk bag.Now, switch from Chemical based perfumes to th..

₹95/- Ex Tax: ₹95/-

Kokum Sarbat Syrup

Garcinia Indica or Locally known as Ratamba is found mostly in Konkan.Amazing appetizer and antioxid..

₹195/- Ex Tax: ₹195/-

Loban Cups

These small and wonderful cups made from Oudh, Coal, Spices and Natural Fragrances.Very effective as..

₹70/- Ex Tax: ₹70/-

Meditation Sticks : Green Rose

Green Rose flavored meditation sticks perfectly design for your daily meditation.Typically people me..

₹70/- Ex Tax: ₹70/-

Sandal Dhoop Sticks

Sandalwood fragrance dhoop sticks are your perfect companion for puja or while having meals.Made wit..

₹55/- Ex Tax: ₹55/-

Unprocessed Camphor Crystals

Natural camphor in solid format without adding any chemicals or any processing done to it.Best for s..

₹165/- Ex Tax: ₹165/-

White Sandalwood Powder 50 gms

Pure powder of white sandalwood. No Fragrance added, No chemical / fixer / preservative added...

₹650/- Ex Tax: ₹650/-