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Combo-007 : Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil, White Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil | Cold Pressed - Extracted On Wooden Churner | Kolhu or Kachi Ghani | Lakdi Ghani Oil | Pure Unrefined

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Extracted on Wooden Churner (Lakdi Ghani)
Extracted on Wooden Churner (Lakdi Ghani)
High Nutritional Value
High Nutritional Value
With Natural Flavour And Aroma
Natural Flavour And Aromas
No Added Preservatives Or Chemicals
No Added Preservatives Or Chemicals


About Combo-007 : Groundnut Oil, White Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil

Why do we offer combos?

Most of the nutritionists suggest using various oil in you kitchen or keep changing oils. At IndicWisdom we manage this by offering various
wood pressed oils packed as Combo.

Every oil has different type of fatty acids. Using multiple oils will ensure you get perfect nutrition.

We dont recommend blending oils together because the natural aroma and taste are lost. Also different oils have different boiling points
which can make the oil rancid faster.

What’s included in this combo?

  • Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil 1 Liter
  • Wood Pressed White Sesame Oil 1 Liter
  • Wood Pressed Coconut Oil 1 Liter
Combo-Groundnut Oil, White Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil

How this combo will help?

  • Groundnut Oil is one of the most balanced oil for cooking. Rich in MUFA and low on SFA this serves as your daily cooking oil. Use it for
    cooking vegetables, curries etc. To know more about wood pressed groundnut oil
  • Sesame is rich in copper and calcium. Sesame Oil is great natural food for boosting immunity and keeping your bones healthy. Use it for
    Tadka whenever you are cooking any daal, salad, soup or snacks like Dhokla. It will add amazing flavor to your dishes.
  • Coconut Oil is the only oil which has Lauric acid, Myristic acid etc. Rich in MCTs Coconut oil is great food for your gut health, oral
    health and much more. Use it for Oil pulling, Shallow Frying or sprinkle it on leafy vegetables.

Additional information

Weight 3.291 kg
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 34 cm

Pack of 3


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