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Indic Wisdom brings traditional Indian wisdom with modern standards of hygieneIndic Wisdom - Inspired by our roots

What happens when you combine traditional Indian wisdom with modern standards of hygiene and quality control?

We do.
Our forefathers spoke of the world being a family, and prayed that everyone be blessed withjoy, health, and abundance.

But when we looked around, all we could see were jars and cans filled with chemicals andpreservatives being sold as food.

Inspired by our roots, we asked: why shouldn’t pure food, a core part of our culture, beavailable to all? And then, we got around to answering it ourselves. #WeAreIndicWisdom
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Everyday Cooking Oils

We use churners - traditionally called lakdi ghani - with a wooden pestle that press on theseeds and extract the oil. This process does not produce any heat and retains the nutrients inthe seeds - which is why our oils are also called cold-pressed oils.

So, try our Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil made from groundnut from the fields of Gujarat.Or our Wood-Pressed Mustard Oil that comes fromthe matchless mustard of Rajasthan.Or the Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil, an evergreen favourite, made from coconuts from theKarnataka coast.

Whichever you choose, you’ll get greater aroma, flavour, and nutrients than your regular oil -without any of the harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Versatile Oils for Deep Care

Our Wood-pressed Oils retain their nutrients and natural essence. That’s why they can be used for more than just food, they can help with your overall well-being.

Our Wood-Pressed Almond Oil and Wood-Pressed Apricot Oil are made from two of Nature’s powerhouse sources of vitamins and, in addition to your palate, are great for your skin and hair.

Our Wood-Pressed Walnut Oil cools you from within, and can flavour everything from salads to pasta to cookies.

Whether you choose them to add flavour to your food or well-being to your therapeutic massages and beauty masks, you’ll get Nature’s nurturing care in each drop
Flaxseed Oil Vector Image

Wood Pressed Flaxseed Oil | Cold Pressed - Extracted On Wooden Churner | Kolhu or Kachi Ghani | Lakdi Ghani Oil | Pure Unrefined

Sweet Almond Oil vector image

Wood Pressed Sweet Almond Oil | Cold Pressed - Extracted On Wooden Churner | Kolhu or Kachi Ghani | Lakdi Ghani Oil | Pure Unrefined

Wood Pressed Apricot Oil vector image

Wood Pressed Apricot Oil | Cold Pressed - Extracted On Wooden Churner | Kolhu or Kachi Ghani | Lakdi Ghani Oil | Pure Unrefined

Wood Pressed Walnut Oil vector image

Wood Pressed Walnut Oil | Cold Pressed - Extracted On Wooden Churner | Kolhu or Kachi Ghani | Lakdi Ghani Oil | Pure Unrefined

The All-Rounder

Want an oil that works for specific tastes or needs?
How about an all-season oil that works for all cooking styles!

Whether for sautéing, shallow frying, or deep frying, our Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil is just perfect. You’ll simply love its rich flavour and aroma!

And you won’t compromise on nutrition. Our Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil is filled withHealthy Fatty Acids, Omega 6 Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Natural Antioxidants… the list just goes on!

If there’s one oil that you just can’t go wrong with, this is it. Try it now!

A Drop of More

Not just wood-pressed oils, we bring you the pure, untouched deliciousness of Sandalwood, jaggery, sugar, and ghee. Try them and give your food a rich, authentic upgrade!
Jaggery Powder 800 gm

Jaggery Powder

khandsari sugar 800 gm

Khandsari Sugar

A2 Gir Cow Ghee 450 ml

Hand Churned A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

sandalwood powder

White Sandalwood Powder

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

What They Say

Ashish Desai

Using Cold press oil and other product of Indic wisdom and very authentic and very pure. Maintained their standard. Who are looking for quality they all must try product of Indic Wisdom.

Vikram Sirola

My family has been using Indic Wisdom products since past seven years. They are genuine and have substantially contributed to maintain ourselves healthy.

Purva Patankar

"Healthy oil... Indic wisdom is very reliable... Using from last 3-4 years.. best service. Can't think of any other brand...Would Highly recommend...."

Kaustubh Pawaskar

I am using Indic Wisdom Products since many years and can vouch for their products which are really Grade A in quality. Best for Cooking and Health benefits. I am very Thankful to their team who are very supportive. I would definitely recommend & have recommended Indic wisdom Wood Pressed Oils to my family & others as well.

Sanju Arya

Good quality cold pressed oils. Very prompt customer service. Efficient follow ups and COD option makes my experience good and convenient.

Yogita Sawale

I have been using their coconut oil since past 5 years. They always supply freshly pressed oil, very pure, wholesome taste. Good value for money.

Dipika Gupta

Products are authentic and highly recommended for those who are concerned with their health! Do try their variety of oils available!!

Lata Subbaraman

"I have lost count of years that I have been buying Wood churned oil from IndicWisdom it is superb. Groundnut oil, Til oil , coconut Badam oil , Sugar all I have been getting it from Indic wisdom, My family love my cooking due to pure taste and flavour of these oil. Their prompt delivery services are too good . They are always polite and very sweet to talk to. Specially during lockdown they have supplied my oils very promptly for which I am grateful. No other brand only IndicWisdom for me.
Customer Mrs. Archana Naik

Mrs Archana Naik

Mrs Archana Naik IndicWisdom Oils are the Best in its category for quality & pricing. We have tried other products too like Jaggery Powder & Khandsari and can vouch for it purity. Please do keep up the good Work !!
Customer Mr. Jitendra Kadam

Jitendra Kadam

Quality Cold Pressed Oils from Indic. Family loved it and all Health benefits...
Customer Mrs. Rajashree Gore

Rajashree Gore

Pure and tasteful Groundnut Oil. You can smell freshness. Gul or jaggery powder is out of this world tasty. You can quickly make out that It’s organic and pure.
Customer Ms. Manasi Akerkar Nimkar

Manasi Akerkar Nimkar

Amazing product... Using it since 3 months Must try... Highly recommended.

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