Our Story

This land has a great legacy of thousands of years of culture, traditions, research and science.

Our ancestors shared their wisdom with us through various scriptures, be it Yoga, Ayurved, Rasayanshastra and many other ancient scriptures.

Be it food we eat, Exercise we do, clothes we wear or fragrances we smell, this land had discovered ways of enjoying life and staying healthy and happy by staying in harmony with nature.

We firmly believe that all we have to do to be happy and healthy is to connect with our own roots. Just eliminate harmful toxic chemicals from our life, eat better quality of food and adopt a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

This thought encouraged us to build an ecosystem that provides a platform for various people who make, sell or look for authentic traditionally made Indian things.

With the blend of Online sales, Stores, Delivery fleet, Exhibitions and many other channels we intend to make pure, authentic and traditionally made things available to members of IndicWisdom Family.

With our oil extraction unit based in greens near Virar and office in Mumbai we make sure fresh and pure products made in pollution free environment are available to you quick and hassle free.


At IndicWisdom, we believe that our commitment towards customers is for entire value chain.

That’s the reason, right from Oil seed selection, Pre-processing them, Extraction, Quality testing and Inspection everything happens as per GMP guidelines, to ensure ONLY THE BEST reaches our customers.

Even the packaging material and water used are tested for quality as per FSSAI guidelines.

With our onsite team of expert Food Technologists, every batch is tested for all applicable FSSAI parameters as well as physical inspection.

Specialised 2 Micron cotton cloth filters are used to ensure oil is packed without any foreign particles but doesn’t lose important Natural waxes, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals.

We are proud to be the only professional manufacturer that invites our customers for entire plant visit or even provide virtual tour.

Our commitment is not limited only to human beings but to mother nature as well and that’s the reason our manufacturing facility doesn’t use any chemical or heating ensuring our pollution and carbon footprint near to ZERO.

Our Team

Kaustubh and Prajakta share a long partnership of 20+ years in multiple roles. Be it being Best Classmates, Friends, Couple, Colleagues, Parents & Founders of IndicWisdom they have always cracked it finding the right balance. Whether it is Numbers- Emotions, Visibility- Productivity their completely diverse personality traits keep IndicWisdom balanced. Their two little princesses always keep them stress free, smiling and motivated every day.

Founder Director's
Kaustubh & Prajakta Khare

Sandeep plays a role of being the Helm of our manufacturing or production facilities seamless functioning, and is actively involved in daily operations as well as the company’s long-range plans. He also plays a key role in Purchase ensuring cracking the best possible deals for us. He is a no nonsense person who wears many feathers in his hat. From being an impeccable and humble human being he is also a continuous learner who keeps seeking knowledge to continuously tune IndicWisdom’ s manufacturing into a state-of-the-art facility driven by innovation.

Sandeep Paranjape
Manufacturing & Purchase Head

Our Sales Ninja. Power packed performer with aggression to achieve targets and set new standards and records. A friend to rely on when in need, a fighter and super mom of 2 sweet kids. Her dedication and allegiance towards IndicWisdom is indubitable.

Sonal Mote
Sales Lead

BalaSaheb is the man behind Customer Delivery Experience. His Dedication and On Time Attitude ensures that Customers receive their timely deliveries. He has mastered dispatches on all platforms be it Retail, GT, B2B, E-Commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. IndicWisdom’s Omni presence & Technological Diversity are his major challenges which he has taken up like a PRO.

Balasaheb Waghmode

Meet Our GT Sales Ninja. Prashant is a humble boy power packed with Interpersonal Skills & a very high EQ making him a favorite with his work associates. In addition to above being a good listener makes achieving targets a cake walk for him. Ability to continuously Learn Unlearn and Adapt to challenges thrown at him are his assets. IndicWisdom is honored to be associated with a colleague & Team Mate like him.

Prashant Naikwade
GT Sales

Has a witty sense of humor. Wears many hats to get her jobs done each day. Works across many other departments to make sure that goods and services are Distributed and Delivered properly. Impeccable Communication & People Skills is one more feather in her cap.

Rupali Chache

She is always all ears to Suggestions, Improvements and Complaints from our Customers. Acts as a buffer to our brand with her cute smile though tiny & tout has big loving heart with great loyalty and respect towards her organization.

Sonali Lambore
D2C Sales

Saurabh’s Analytical Skills, Technical Expertise, Critical Thinking & being Extremely Organized makes him a perfect candidate for managing our E-Commerce platforms & entire IT infra. His impeccable sense of humor, being young, agile & humble attitude with learn unlearn capability allows him to master new technologies quickly & act as an Valuable addition to team IndicWisdom.

Saurabh Khaire
E-Commerce & IT Infra

Raunak’s Strategic and analytical skills, being tech-savvy, adaptability & Honesty and strong values makes him a perfect fit for the role of Finance Executive. Being curious in nature allows him to gather acquaintance about business processes its functioning and implement the same as an Intrapreneur within IndicWisdom.

Raunak Churiwala

The Man behind IndicWisdom’s Great Quality to Vouch for. An eye for detail and FSSAIs favorite boy. Our Google when it comes to Food Certifications. A Humble, Polite & Jolly soul, with a promise to deliver things at lighting speed.

Biru Sule
Food Technologist

Bhaurao Betkar, Son of farmer by birth and Food Technologist by education Bhaurao comes from oil seed growing belt of Maharashtra. Who else can manage better a shop floor full  traditional Ghani’s operating at ISO and GMP standards. Connected to roots and being and expert in his subject he makes sure we produce Best Quality of Oil and pack it to perfection.

Bhaurao Betkar
Shop Floor Manager

A sweet girl with loads of patience and great listener. Quick Learner, Analytical with great Accounting Skills.

Divya Parab

Soni comes with an extensive knowledge of GT Sales from the industry. Being a humble human being with good interpersonal skills given her an added advantage to meet her target. Her addition to the team has enabled to add a new dimension to GT Sales of IndicWisdom.

Soni Prasad
GT Sales

What will happen to Kho Kho champ if you put her behind taxation files? Sharayu being sporty and a daredevil by nature carries that energy every day to manage our general trade in Pune catering to more than 100 shops. Being fairly new to our team she is on her way to explore new horizons with IndicWisdom.

Sharayu Gutti
GT Sales

One thing that is for sure in marketing is that ‘the only constant is change’. …matching up with this criteria Sanmukh joined us freshly with a desire for learning and adapting to changing demands of FMCG industry. Ability to think strategically and from customer experience perspective makes him a great fit in marketing.

Sanmukh Bhutkar
Our Mission

Natural & Healthy Wood Pressed Oils were integral part of our lifestyle in INDIA and other nations as well for centuries, Be it lightning the lamp, massage, lubrication, cooking or preserving food like pickles.

Our ancestors had achieved perfection in How, Which and When to use various seed oils.

Our mission is to bring back this Ancient IndicWisdom to every household of this planet.

Unless we all use a Right Oil the entire Ecosystem will keep getting damaged.

Hence, with our strong belief in वसुधैव कुटुंबकं we want to be integral part of every household.

These products are not for selected few but GOODNESS IS FOR EVERYONE.

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