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Khandsari Sugar

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No Bleaching Agents
No Bleaching Agents
Naturally Retained Molasses
Naturally Retained Molasses
Does not Contain Sulphur
Does not Contain Sulphur


About Khandsari Sugar

KHANDSARI: (Unrefined Sugar/ Desi Khand)

Using the right kind of SUGAR plays a crucial role in following a HEALTHY & BALANCED diet.

Khandsari is a chemical-free & physically extracted sugar from liquid Jaggery. An Iconic desi sugar of India, a local delicacy deserves
to meet the world. It is an all purpose sugar. It makes beverages delicious and also wonderful for making sweets and baking.

  • A Healthy and nutritious alternative to processed or refined Sugar.
  • No Bleaching Agents,
  • No Sulphur
  • Chemical-Free
  • Naturally Retained Molasses
  • Maintains energy & electrolyte balance in body
  • A better option for diabetics
khandsari sugar

Great for Tea & Immunity

You would love the taste of khandsari sugar in your tea or chai. It has those healing properties that will boost your immunity.

A Perfect Yogic Sugar

Khandsari is also known as yogic sugar. it is a recommended sugar for all ayurvedic medicines and preparations due to its healing nature. It is
said that khandsari balances the Tridosha in our body and hence contribute to overall well being.

Perfect for Making Sweets or Baking

Khandsari has been the favourite of Indian sweets makers from centuries. It is also loved by bakers due to its rich flavour. Its simply a
magical sugar.

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Weight 5700 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 15.24 × 33.02 cm

800 gm


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