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What are Wood-Pressed Oils?

September 29, 2023

We live in a world where anything labelled 'fast' and 'cheap' sells like hotcakes. It is all about immediate consumption, from technology to food delivery service and fashion. Also, we always follow the latest trends for healthy products and pay little attention to our everyday cooking oils. We only focus on buying the most low-calorie foods and healthy snacks endorsed by our favourite celebrities that look appealing!

But have we ever considered why we use a particular cooking oil in our kitchens? Why is the same packet of oil bought for years and years? 

Despite the fact that there is a significant rise of lifestyle diseases, we don’t get to the root of this problem. Our meals and snacks are cooked in oil at least 3-4 times a day and we still don’t understand the need to use the best oil. 

Did you know that the popular oil used in our kitchen is just another fast-processed item and is not part of our authentic food culture?

Are wood-pressed oil without chemicals?

On the other hand, Wood-pressed oils are natural and chemical-free oils made from the best quality seeds. Wood-pressed oils have been an important part of our Indian culture and, therefore, need to return to our kitchens!

They are made in traditional wood churners and use labour and skill to extract even the smallest yield from seeds. This lengthy and detailed process helps retain the essential nutrients and flavours in a wood-pressed oil.

In olden times, wood-pressed oils were most popularly called "Chekku," "Ghani," and "Kolhu"(read more with link to history of wp oils). The process of extracting oil required a long cylindrical instrument made of wood called a Ghani. The basic steps remain the same; however, ​we have automated the manual labour tasks to minimize human intervention to extract wood-pressed oils. At our manufacturing unit, oil is extracted in a GMP certified hygienic and sterilised environment to avoid contamination. We then get each bottle tested by our experts before dispatching them.

This process ensures that hygiene, flavour, and fragrance are intact after the crushing of seeds. Also,this procedure makes wood-pressed oils a healthy oil that makes our everyday food even more nourishing. 

Whether you want to switch to a healthier lifestyle, follow an easy diet with home-cooked food or fight diabetes, wood-pressed oil is healthy.

What are the health benefits of wood-pressed oil?

  1. It is pure and natural
    In the time and age of adulteration, a healthy cooking oil keeps us fit and ready for everyday challenges. Compared to other commercial oils in the market, the purity of a wood-pressed oil is guaranteed because of its transparent procedure and should be on the top of our shopping list.
  2. It is a diabetic-friendly oil 
    We all know that India is the diabetes capital of the world, and there's no doubt that it has gripped the younger population as well. But, when our regular oils replace wood-pressed oils, their monounsaturated fatty acids help lower bad cholesterol and stabilise blood sugar spikes. A diabetic-friendly oil is what we all deserve in our kitchens!
  3. It makes food taste better
    Whether food is cooked in groundnut or coconut wood-pressed oil is much more delicious to the palate. It is primarily because the oil extraction process is not harsh, so the natural flavours are completely absorbed. So, whether we use wood-pressed oil for frying or cooking any of our favourite delicacies, it will be a taste we will always prefer.
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